• A. Preparatory Actions

    Performing the corresponding energy audits for each of the buildings included in the project: thermal audits, electrical audits and usage and occupancy of the buildings.

  • B. Implementation Actions

    They include the development of the corresponding engineering projects, the deployment of the new equipment and systems and its start up. Furthermore the obtained results will be evaluated with the new system for its optimization.

  • C. Monitoring of the impact of the Project Actions

    Definition of the environmental and socioeconomic monitoring system for the supervising, analysis and evaluation of the project.

  • D. Communication and Dissemination Actions

    Communication actions in order to launch the project and disseminate its content and activities, as well as for the transfer of results and conclusions obtained.

  • E. Project Management and Monitoring of the Project progress

    Analysis of the performance of the project and obtaining results and conclusions in order to ensure that the initial objectives are met as planned; extrapolation of the project as an efficient and sustainable solution for energy management in other large energy consumer's centres.